Foods One Should Definitely Try While Travelling To India

India! A place of diversity and a place of mystery, here from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Darjeeling to Kachh you can find various places to visit, various things to do, various languages to heard, various dresses to wear and most importantly while roaming all these places, you will definitely feel starved so India has various and special dishes to be served and one traveler has various dishes to taste.


In India, there are 29 states and seven Union Territory, every place has some special to serve. Here we are about to discuss some special food items one has to taste while moving in India:

  1. Pav Bhaji: Although its origin belongs to Maharashtra but it can be found in all over India, it consists of Pav (Bread) and a thick vegetable packed bhaji, which is served, with a topping of butter and cheese.
  2. Idli Sambhar: This has its origin from south India, an ideal and light food for breakfast, it consist of well-fermented rice baked in oven and a sour vegetable stew (sambhar). It is accomplished with Wight coconut chutney.
  3. Choley Bhature: The typical Punjabi dish a deep fried puri(bhature), a thick curry of chickenpeas(chole) and best served with a glass of lassi.
  4. Samosa: A best food to serve with chai, a small triangle shaped potato stuffed some time contains peas or onions.
  5. Panipuri/Golgappa: Small crisp hollow and round bread filled with spicy water and sometimes potato mesh or chole. It has various names all over India like the one it is called as puchka in Westbengal, Golgappa in Delhi and panipuri in Mumbai.
  6. Dhokla: A typical food from Gujarat made of fermented rice and chickpea. Although one can find it all over India, but it taste best in Gujarat only.
  7. Pyaj ki Kachori: A very famous dish from central India, it can be eaten best like samosa only with chai.

Now moving on to some sweet things we have in India:

  1. MavaBatti: Deeply fried covered with a layer of til and contains mava and dry fruits, really tastes great whenever eaten.
  2. Moong ka Halwa: Deelpy fried moong and mixed with dry fruits and with a lot of ghee, it’s a heavy dish.
  3. Rasgulla: A famous West Bengal Dish, made of milk and lemon, really brings water in any one’s mouth.
  4. Shikanji: One name but tastes different all over India some knows it like lemon water and other knows it as a mouthwatering dish, famous and originated in central India, here you can get the actual taste of this shikanji. It is made of milk mixed with lots of dry fruits.
  5. Lassi: One of the most famous dish in Punjab and available all over India, a curd made lassi. Very famous food but tastes great in Punjab only.

As we’ve mentioned above that India is a country of various dishes, languages and mysteries so if we talk about food it would be an endless list, but I think that is enough for now and further we will cover the food of India state wise, so just wait for our next article.

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