Fort McMurray Inferno : Help From Russian Water Bomber Planes


Fort McMurray Fire Update: Russian sends Ilyushin Il-76 water bombers to help out

Fort McMurray

Residents of Fort McMurray can now get sigh of relief after Russia specialized planes came to help fight an inferno that almost entirely sent the town into ashes.

Reports show that the Trudeau government made a quick agreement with Russia to offer powerful water bomber planes with specialists who have high levels of knowledge and technical know-how when it comes to fighting wildfires.

According to reports from the Russian embassy based in Ottawa, the specialists are willing to give Canada the necessary help to fight the fires that have highly affected business activities in Alberta.

The Fort McMurray breaking news indicate that property of unknown value has been destroyed by the inferno and the government is urging residents to stay far away from the scene of action as they do their best to completely stop it

Fort McMurray

The sending of Ilyushin Il-76 transport planes from Russian to Canada proved to work wonders in fighting the fires. These are modern wonderful fire fighter planes that are known to produce more than 42 tons of retardants to fires.

They are perfect in eliminating any consequences and avoiding further spread of fires to residential places and urban centres. The planes also carry rescue specialists and important equipment that can be used to save lives. The specialists give first aid and treat both minor and major burns or injuries that could have been caused by the fires.

This is not the first instance we have witnessed such inferno in Alberta. There have been previous incidents that led to loss of property worth millions of dollars and the government has always been alert to avert any recurrence.

The help by these modern water bombers continue to give Russia a better name when it comes to fighting fierce fires. Fort McMurray is a city that will go down history books having faced the harsh realities of Mother Nature.

See the Ilyushin Il-76 in action in following video


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