Freight Hopping In Canada and US


Freight Hopping In Canada and US

Freight Hopping In Canada and US

Freight hopping also known as train hopping is a hitching, boarding or riding a freight car. It was prevalent in the United States during the American civil war. It has since gone widespread across the world. In Canada and the United States, freight hopping has different root causes especially compared to those from less developed countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Freight train hopping across Canada is purely an act of courageous display by freight train hoppers. It is also an opportunity ti stretch their dare-devilling spirits past the comforts of safety strap in cars. Freight hopping in Canada is time to experience nature in its wonderful state. Most railroads pass through winding sceneries, forests, and valleys that are rarely accessible on road trips.

Forest fragrance, the blowing winds, plenty sunshine together with all the sensory excitements of make freight hopping a terrific thrilling experience. Unlike in Canada and US, freight hopping in other countries is a casual yet very unsafe mode to transport.[mashvideo]

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