Fukushima disaster effects, see after 5 years!!!


Fukushima disaster effects, see after 5 years!!!

Five years after the earthquake that led to the tipple meltdown at the See the Fukushima disaster effects of the nuclear station, the cleanup has not yet been completed to enable the company to embark on the task they used to carry out. The reactor building which ended up exploding during the nuclear accidents still stands the same way it was left after the crisis in 2011. There are pictures that show a crane that was smashed during the disaster and is still in the same position that it was in during the occurrence of the disaster that ended up killing many people. The side of the reactor is another building that was being used to house the boilers is also in the same state that it was left after the occurrence of the disaster.

The nuclear disasters fukushima, facts are a show of what exactly took place during the tsunami that engulfed this region in the year 2011. This is the worst disaster that ever took place after the Chernobyl power plant disaster that took place in the year 1986 in which many people lost their lives. This also led to the displacement of many people who lived in the surrounding region and were also affected by the effects radiation. Many people have also not gone back to the places they used to live in before the occurrence because of fear of occurrence of another tsunami that has been known to claim a large number of lives.

The tsunami also affected the car industry in Japan not just by the destruction of the industries but also through the displacement of people who used to work in such industries. The car industry has not picked up because of the fear from investors who do not want to rush to rebuild their industries and may incur losses if the same disaster occurs again in the near future. The nuclear disaster also led to the destabilization of many families which up to date have not been able to recollect and live as a family. During that time, people who were displaced were taken to different refugee camps and some of the have not met the people they used to stay with. Some people still do not know where their relatives are after the nuclear disasters fukushima took place.

Though many people have not gone back to live in the area, Tokyo electric power which used to run the Fukushima plant says that the state of the place has greatly improved and people can now settle there. The company faces a lot of criticism from people as a result of the manner in which they handle the waste products that come from the company and effects radiation which they created. This was believed to be one of the factors that greatly contributed to the occurrence of the disaster that claimed a large number of lives and ended up leaving many people also displaced. In general, there are some improvements that have been made but a lot still needs to be done to ensure that the place is safe and the waste is disposed well.[mashvideo]

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