Funny Video of Woman Asking Men to Help Put Her Shoe


Funny Video of Woman Asking Men to Help Put Her Shoe

Funny Video of Woman Asking Men to Help Put Her Shoe On . Here is a funny video called ‘Help Me Put On My Shoe Prank’; it is of a woman asking men to help her put on her shoe, whilst secretly being filmed. They all try and look up her skirt whilst putting the shoe on. The link to the video is here, available from YouTube: This can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media.
This video starts off with a pretty young woman sitting on a windowsill, waving to the camera. She shows her high-heeled shoes, and then shows herself taking off one of them. Funny, cheerful music plays whilst she does this flirtatiously. She is wearing a low-cut green T-Shirt and a skirt showing off her legs. The video then slides over to her sitting on the windowsill with people walking past. It shows her calling over various men, gesturing for them to pick up her shoe and help her to put it back on.

The video then does close ups of the mens’ faces as they pick up the shoe to put it on, and shows them trying to look up past her skirt. The camera does close ups of her tiny skirt with her underwear showing. In the background you can hear pre-recorded laughs from the audience as the men try to see up her skirt, not knowing that they are being filmed. This repeats with several men, showing a blue film reel with the words ‘funny & naked’ on the reel. The mens’ eyes are shown looking, hoping to catch a glimpse of her underwear, whilst she instructs them on putting her shoe on, seemingly unaware.

At the end of the video, the woman points to the window behind her, revealing the camera behind her. The men all see and laugh in a goodhearted way, realizing that it was a prank.


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