Giant Alligator Going on a Stroll Through Florida Nature Center


Giant Alligator Going on a Stroll Through Florida Nature Center

Why did the alligator cross the road ?

To become a viral hit.

A massive almost dinosaur looking alligator that is said to look about 12 feet long (3,66 meters) decided to flop through the tourist path in Circle B Bar Reserve in Lake-land, Florida on Sunday the January 15 2017.

He was heading to another swamp area that was across the path and many onlookers saw the giant alligator as he was walking and some were even warned beforehand so they had time to prepare their cameras and phones.

One of the onlookers, Kim Joiner, managed to get a short video of the Florida gator and as she has mentioned to that it was exciting while another onlooker Sean Buckley managed to snap a quick picture of the downright giant alligator.

The alligator seemed to be pretty relaxed and does not look at all terrifying, it seems as if he was just taking a Sunday afternoon stroll through the park and not bothering anyone.

Circle B Bar Reserve is said to be a place that allows him to walk around and search for a snack or just to change the scenery for a while.

Alligators are often confused with crocodiles. There are a few differences between the two such as their mouth shapes which is called a snout. Alligators, like our giant friend, have more of a U shaped; curved snout while a crocodile has a more V shaped; pointy snout.

Crocodiles always have a grin on their faces and that is because their fourth tooth on both sides is sticking out and over their top lip while an alligator has a calm looking face because their top lip overlaps and closes over their bottom one.

And another final difference is that they live in different types of water. Crocodiles prefer the saltwater habits while alligators like to live in freshwater areas.

Florida is known for having alligators but not many have seen one this up close in a nature center. Hence, why it is news worthy.

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Source: LakelandPD

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