Lion Prank By Geoff Ward’s, Awesome Prank Video


Geoff Ward’s Lion prank See How Convincing a “Lion Mane for dogs” Cause Terror In The Public Parks Of South Florida

Geoff Ward's Lion prank See How Convincing a Lion Mane for dogs Cause Terror In The Public Parks Of South Florida

Actor and producer Geoff Ward has been responsible for some of the most hilarious pranks executed on camera. He has reached YouTube stardom with more fame awaiting him.

His efforts are dedicated towards comedy and can be compared to YouTube channels such as VitalyzdTV, Pranks gone wrong, Pranking in the hood and Roman Atwood Pranks.

Sure, Geoff Ward is not even close to being the Lion Whisperer but the lions mane that he put on his dog in his video “LION PRANK!!!” had me fooled at first glance along with unexpected civilians at the park.

The big yellow dog looked quite like a lion with his make up and mane on. The dog did not seem dangerous at all, so in my book the pranks that were executed with the help of his canine friend are justified. Sadly, the officers who arrested Geoff did not seem to agree!

They had Geoff forced to the ground with hands behind his back to be cuffed after finding out what he had been up to. All good things come at a cost. We commend Goeff for his efforts to entertain the world.

We hope that his video reaches the level of success that Mutant Giant Spider Dog by (SA Wardeg) has achieved. “LION PRANK!!!” is quite Popular On YouTube Worldwide. It features a dog dressed up as a lion scaring people after Geoff tells them that he has lost a one year old lion.

He does this in several cases until he is finally stopped by cops. I laughed out hard at the reaction of people and thought that the dog looked absolutely adorable. Make sure that you watch this video when you get the chance. It will brighten up your day but might have you looking out for lions roaming free. [mashvideo]

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