How to Get Your Name In The Guinness Book of World Records


How to Get Your Name In The Guinness Book of World Records

Planning to make a world record, a good thing to plan but at the same place a very difficult thing to achieve, please notice we have mentioned the word difficult not impossible, because we know with great efforts and constant determination one can achieve even non-achievable things.

So today we are here to guide you that how to get your name registered in a Guinness World Record book.

Choose a Category

First chose a category in which you need to break record. Guinness world record book accepts only those kinds of categories, which are breakable, like if you are able to lick your elbow, it comes under your skill nor a record. So plan a good interesting category in which you want to make record, like longest kiss, longest hair, smallest something or any other. But remember one thing in mind in your aim don’t hurt your aim, like if you want to make a record for heaviest pet or lightest pet , don’t do any cruelty on pet, Guinness World record doesn’t accept this records.

Find the current Record

If you are planning to break the record, which some other people already make, just know their best and try to do better than that. However, it is really concerning advice from our side please do not push your life in danger just to make a record.

Train by actually doing the stunt

If you are planning to make a record of highest jump or any other record which require physical skills, practice it a thousand time, once completed practice it for more two thousand times, practice it so well that at the day of final presentation you could never-ever fail.

Plan for the Best and be prepared for the Worst

Life is not as easy as it looks, sometimes in the practice sessions you are performing well, but at the actual day in front of officials due to tension, anxiety or any other reasons fails. So be prepared for the worst situations also.

Get in contact of Guinness Word Record Officials

Once you are confident that you can break the record, go to Guinness World Record website and click on the link “Break the record” and follow the following instructions. This is your chance to win the influence of the people of World Record, because here you are going to explain your desire in your words. So use this opportunity in better way because if in case they find this not up to the mark, they can also reject it.

Arrange a trained person of this field to verify your record

Now once they have accepted your entry, it is time of real exam, as you have to get your skills verified by some trained professional person.

Collect Sufficient Evidence

Collect all the possible evidences for the record you are making, and send it the Guinness World Record office for a final verification.

Final Steps

Once you have submitted your entry, now except doing prayer you have nothing else to do. As you have to by default wait for the entry to be selected.

Now if the entry has been selected, it is a time of celebration as you have registered a word record in your name.

So since now you know that how to get you name in Guinness World Record book, but still we suggest that to get the name and fame don’t harm yourself, and enjoy this life at his fullest.

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