How To Get Prepared For Jet Lag and How To Get Over It


How To Get Prepared For Jet Lag and How To Get Over It

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Generally, it seems so exciting to visit abroad and explore the destination. But it is not as simple and relaxed as it seems .Some people feels easy to deal with the change in the environment of destination in abroad country while for some people it seems like uneasy and awkward situation which can be called as “jet lag”. In such situations our body experience some difficulty to manage the sleeping time, dinner time ,breakfast time and regular activity time as it got disturbed due to the changed environment. Generally, it takes four to five days to overcome with this drastic situation naturally.

To overcome quickly, one should prepare himself mentally before visiting outside countries. Here are some useful information to how to get rid off with the jet lag and feeling relaxed after your journey.

1) Start resetting your mind and body before 3 days of your travel by shifting your regular schedule 2 to 3 hours early or late, depending upon the geographical direction of your destination.
2) Take helpful prescription with your doctor, dietitian and physician and keep following it in the meantime.
3) Drink a plenty of water or other hygienic drink before, after and during travelling to make yourself hydrated all the time. Dehydration may lead you several diseases like nausea, drowsiness, weakness, diarrhea, insomnia etc.
4) Do not drink or consume any alcoholic or unhygienic depressants like drugs, Dramamine etc before, during or after your journey.
5) Exposure to sunlight helps in regulating our circadian rhythms. On the westward flights, get bright morning light at your new destination, and avoid afternoon light exposure, While On eastward flights, avoid early light exposure in morning and get as much light as possible in the afternoon and evening. The light helps in shifting your body’s circadian clock, so that you will feel rested and wake up in appropriate time at your destination.
6) Take a good sleep while travelling in plane and if your destination comes at morning or noon time. Take a little sleep if your destination comes at evening or night time. But do not force yourself to do so .As by doing it forcefully you may feel stress and constipation.
7) Change your watch timing when you get on the plane by matching your destination timing, it helps you get into the mind-set of what you’ll be doing in the place where you’re going.
8) Melatonin, which is naturally secreted in our bodies, helps regulate our circadian rhythms so that we sleep at night. The supplement melatonin is not widely recommended to cure jet lag and aid sleep .Researches show that it can reduce jet lag on flights both east and west, but some other research has not shown it to be beneficial.
9) Do not eat a high carb or fatty diet close to bedtime because that can be disruptive to sleep. Just eat fresh fruits or healthy light food before you arrive to your destination.
10) After reaching at your destination just take either cool or hot bath depending upon the climatic conditions, feel refreshing and enjoy your destiny after some refreshments

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