How To Get Refund For Google Play Store Purchase


How To Get Refund For Google Play Store Purchase

People sometimes regretted buying a game, an app or other things like books and many more in Google Play? Sometimes they feel purchase is low quality or has a lot of bugs in it. Whatever may be the case, the consumers always have the secured right to refund the product or service if they are not satisfied with it. We don’t know about the others however we are sure that Google play offer such refund services in order to have good bond of relationships with its target clients. So if you are not satisfied with any such product you’ve bought from Google play, this guide can help you refund it.

Google Play Store Purchase

1. However; the company has some fixed policies. So if you are not satisfied with the product and you wish to refund it, you need to act within two hours of purchase. As after that the company offers no refund service for the respective product.

2. Now in order to return the stuff, you will need to open the Google play app. Now you need to open the ‘My App’ menu by clicking at the link given at left corner menu.

3. Go through the app you have purchased and select it. There you will find the refund button at the application’s page.

4. Click at the refund button, and your task is successfully completed. However; if you don’t find the refund button on application’s page then this indicates that two hours during which you can refund the stuff have been passed and now the commodity will not be refunded.

5. When you select the refund button, you’ll be asked to fulfill further procedure by following up the on screen instructions. This would not take a lot of time and will be easy for you to get back your bucks.

So, if you have any doubt about the products or services you’ve just purchased from Google Apps, the company offers you a chance to refund it in the next two hours of purchase. In this way, you will be able to use the app which you feel to be appropriate for you.

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