How To Get Your Website, Blog Found on Google, Yahoo and Bing


How To Get Your Website, Blog Found on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Is your website all set to show up on search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.?  Here we will guide you with Google’s very own technology in order to help you get your website indexed by Google in less time.

In order to get the web pages indexed by Google, one should always make sure their website is complete. Try to prepare unique content for your website, remember the content you are generating should be SEO friendly so that it get viral in less time. The broken links break your website’s successful start, so try to check the broken links in order to get your website indexed by Google.

Optimization is considered as a major requirement while designing the website, as the websites with optimized content are indexed by Google in very less time. People should try to optimize their web page for keywords that perfectly match with your content. Remember that key words are really beneficial if you wish to make your content viral over the globe. Try to use rich instead of using many key words and Meta tags the main pages of your website, this will help the people connect directly with the valuable services. Fix certain key words that demonstrate your product or service and fit them in between your website content.

Have you created and submitted a site map at your website? We all know that the site map is a formatted file that also has XML extension. Site maps are highly beneficial for audiences, as it gives the perfect idea about the website. Using site map is also beneficial for the hosts, as it will contain the URLs for all the pages in your rocking website.  Try to search out for the best online and offline services that will help you build a perfect a perfect site map for your map.  However, it is not enough to build a perfect sitemap; it should also e uploaded on the website root directory.

Further it is essential to login at Google webmasters supports and tools, you will be amazed to know that you can get the webmasters using your free account. Next to this you will need to offer your website’s full URL in the ‘add site field’. You will find this on the top of Google site map page. Now you just need to click ok. Now you will find the ‘add site map ‘link on the right side of your website’s name. Here you have to choose the ‘general website map’ which you will get on the ‘chose type’ option list. You will be providing with some check boxes, make sure you have checked them all perfectly.

Now you will be provided with a field, where you will need to type the complete site map URL. Click to the ok menu, and add the website map button there.

Your task is complete, now you only need to wait for two or three days to get your website indexed by Google.  After a few days, check by typing your website’s name on Google. If it shows up in the result, it signifies that your website is perfectly indexed by the Google.

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