A giant boulder almost crushes car after a mudslide on moving traffic under heavy rain


Due to heavy rain there is Mountain Collapses – A giant boulder almost crushes car

Let’s have breaking news in current events here to you about a mudslide. We are showing here raw footage of natural disaster blew the road under a heavy rain. There was moving, but slow traffic passing with luminous headlights and suddenly a disaster fallen as a huge boulder just after the mudslides down on road, upon a car that forcefully pushed to another side of road by mud that almost had been covered the car.

Before a short while that mountain collapses everything was moving on right direction, but as the disasters never follow directions, you can watch how powerful and quick mud fallen from mountain in a couple of seconds and that car wasn’t able to even press down the break paddles.Few people saw with so closed eyes that how the natural disasters look like when, the earth turns in a dreadful form. It was a part of a second to think for those people that what should do before that rock crush their car, but there was good fortune with them that’s why they could manage to come out the car safely.

Most dangerous hill roads in the world: If you thirst for adventure or just want to take some cool travel video capture by hd camera for you social media page, you may want to go for a drive. And, not just any drive but a drive on one of these exciting hill roads. This travel guide will guide you to a few of the most breathtaking ones.

Sichuan Tibet Highway: This highway is a hill road that you can travel through between Tibet and Chengdu on the Chinese border. You car may be in danger or rock slides and lad slides. The road sees about 8000 fatalities for every 100000 drivers. Poor weather is also a hazard.

Stelvio Pass: Although not dangerous because of the terrain or weather conditions, the nature of the road makes for a thrilling ride. It curls across the pass in ribbons with sharp hairpins on every corner. If you are a driving enthusiast, you will love pulling your car through the turns.

Los Caracoles Pass: Located in the Andes in Chile, the road is one of the most dangerous in the world. Steep slopes surround you as you make your way through and there are no guardrails to save you from mistakes. The road also receives heavy snowfall which makes it even harder to navigate. Only the most experienced drivers should attempt this.

Zoji Pass: Zoji Pass in the region of Kashmir in India is famous for its hazards. Heavy snowfall causes closures in the winter. It is also one of the most travelled roads where some of the hazards come from other drivers.

Only attempt driving on these roads if you have the experience and skills to handle the conditions. Do your research into the safest ways to pass through and be sensible when you are travelling on these roads. Many fatalities have occurred on these passes and they remain a refuge for thrill seekers.


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