Girl starting Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle by hand


Girl starting Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle by hand Video Goes Viral on YouTube and Internet

What is so special about this social media viral video?

We’re not used to see Indian women riding bikes, there are hundreds of motorbike companies and thousands of its brands in the world eg. Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, BMW, Triumph, Hero, Aprilia, KTM, MV Agusta, Bajaj, TVS, Norton, Benelli, Moto Guzzi and many more.

The Royal Enfield Bullet is one of the heavy motor bike and only strong people can ride this bike, normally and sometimes it looks pretty weird in the eyes of local people and even foreign ones. But, who cares as long as you’re doing it right? The lady, in her blue traditional outfit, took the helmet off a motorbike and wore it on to ensure her safety which was a pretty smart and safe move from her side. She was not expected to do it (at least by the guy recording this video), but we can proudly say that ladies in India got that bravery to ride a motorbike around the streets.

The lady kept her balance over the bike the whole time which was short-recorded, which means that she was already trained well to ride a motorbike before taking this social media viral video. After going with the bike off the street, the lady kept driving on the square road in front of the street the video been shot at, it was a pretty good thing to see her maintaining her balance and accuracy over this bike.

We hope that this lady is proud of what she did and be an icon for women who want to ride motorbikes but doesn’t have courage to do it, we’re sure that this social media viral video that gathered a million views already to be an encouragement for them.

Have you ever seen a stunning lady riding on a bike?

If so, then you should watch this video of a beautiful woman riding a huge Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. The Royal Enfield Bullet is not a typical bike women ride because it is a bit heavy, but this lady nailed it! We think women tend to get shaky and nervous riding bikes like the Enfield Bul, but the lady in the video nailed it by just riding on it and driving it with a great confidence. It is seldom for us to find women — like her in the video. She seems courageous enough that makes her look more beautiful and seductive for men.

The Enfield Bullet was given to her by her brother as a gift. In her face, she seems excited and ready to go with it. Of course her brother was perhaps surprised at how quickly she learns how to use it! It shows she is way better than he! Now that was a phenomenal surprise!

What do you think about this video? Do you expect women around India to start riding motorbikes more frequently in India? Or do you think it was not a good thing to be done?


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