Girl With super power


Girl  With super power

If I was the one in the cafeteria and saw the girl with superpower , I would be mortified and dumbstruck . Everything  happened so quickly and there would not be any explanation as to whether the girl super power was real . I would probably believe she did because of what that girl with super power did scared people . I mean , when she screamed , book and pictures fell off the shelves who does that ?

girl superpower

I would run away as fast as possible because in my mind , a girl with super power seems so unreal . Just imagine how silly people felt when they realized that everything had been so meticulously staged to make the girl with super power seem real . I’m sure that some of people laughed their hearts out while others cursed silently . Anyway , who believed that a girl with super power could be real ? Other than the innocent customers of course .

The Real story of Girls with super power

They started of by rigging up fake walls , books that had springs in them and table and chairs that were remote control . They had many actor and actresses in the restaurant and there would be one person who was not in on it  and they surprised and some scared at what happened next .

A girl with super powers was in a coffee shop , and a guy bumped into her table which made her coffee spill onto her laptop and her lap . This makes the girl mad and she was uses her non – human abilities to get back at the man . This girl used a power that surprised others and was highly unexpected . What happened next was crazy good and funny to see other people’s reactions . The girl pushed the man up against the wall and then moved all the table and chair . Then she stood there for a second and then stated screaming and made all the book fall off the shelves .


Courtesy : Youtube

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