Good Mythical Morning Talks about the Top 5 Worst Tattoos


Good Mythical Morning Talks about the Top 5 Worst Tattoos

Last February 9, 2016, the variety show Good Mythical Morning or GMM posts a new YouTube Video to talk about the top 5 worst tattoos ever tattooed in the name of love. The talk show’s five crew members help Rhett and Link hunt and rank funny and bad tattoos posted on the internet.

The first in the list is a full-faced tattoo of a name of the guy a woman met in a chatroom. R-U-S was tattooed on the right side while E-L is engraved on the other side. The second in the list is a rose that has the words of the sentence “Your the pettle to my rose” engraved around the flower. The word “pettle” was crossed out and replaced with “petal” on top. Third on the list are two non-matching couple puzzle tattoo. A scary Miley Cyrus tattoo of an avid fan lands number four and a tattoo of earphones forming a heart with words “You are the Best Ever Thing Happened to me” engraved inside ends the list.

The mythical show concludes with the spinning of the Wheel of Mythicality and landing on “Link is shy”.
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