GoPro Extreme Biking : Bike Stunt Riding


GoPro Extreme Biking : Bike Stunt Riding With GoPro Hero 4 Camera

GoPro Extreme Biking Bike Stunt Riding With GoPro Hero 4 Camera

Also known as stunting common practice with motorcycles as well, it does sound dangerous but when you look at a pro doing it what do I say? Well it seems very cool at the same time risky but who cares!! It is a form of expressive art. It is mainly characterized by performing acrobatic stunts and bike maneuvering of the bicycle anywhere either on the street or stage it does not really matter. What really caught my attention were the stunts performed at the top of buildings I know!! Thrilling right?

The most commonly performed bike stunts are the wheelies and stoppies and I know that if not all most of you have experienced these arts.

The wheelie just as the name suggests is when the front wheel comes off the ground due to sufficient torsion applied on the back wheel, the latter is when the rear wheel is lifted off the ground and the bike is mainly ridden on the front wheel in which pressure is being applied carefully, also known as front wheelie or endo.

BMX (bicycle motocross) bikes are the most commonly used bicycles for stunts, I do not know why but maybe because it is versatile I mean it can be used on dirt, streets, flatland and many more. Stunting has caused a lot of controversies over the years but It is still growing strong that is why you might find some stunters making videos of themselves during the maneuvering process. The best camera to use will be the GoPro types which are principally used in extreme- action videography plus it has a 4k resolution which makes it the best for recording, the product line entails;

· Hero 2

· Hero 3

· Hero 3 plus

· Hero 4

Bike stunting may be dangerous and risky thus the controversies but being a form of art it must be looked at and analyzed, who know!! You might actually find it very interesting.


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