Great White Shark Breaks Into Driving Cage, See What Happen Next


Diver Cheats Death After A Great White Shark Breaks Into Cage


An unidentified diver is fortunate to be alive after a great-white shark broke into a protective cage from which he was busy filming the shark. This incident occurred in the west-coast of Mexico. The diver was busy filming the great-white shark from a ‘shark-proof’ cage when the shark sprung for a bait of tuna then somehow managed to bust in.

In a video posted on the YouTube Channel ‘Gabe and Garrett’, there is footage of the whole drama unfolding. ‘Gabe and Garrett’ is a channel where the duo document their escapades on water. “This is not your typical video”, wrote the boy’s father on Facebook who later explained that the incident was not a shark attack.

Why? The shark was just going for a snack.

This is something you only see on horror movies. The terrifying footage shows the great white shark trashing around for a number of seconds before it finally frees itself from the enclosure then swims away.

This isolated great white shark cage breach can be explained this way:

Great white sharks are temporarily blinded when they open their mouths so when this shark was going for the tuna bait it slammed into the cage and breached it. As it’s apparent from the 30 second video, the shark could not swim backwards so the only way through which it could free itself from the cage was by thrusting forward through the cage.

Note that the diver was inside the cage when all this was happening.

No one was hurt during the great white shark cage accident that occurred off the west-coast of Mexico. The diver emerged safely although he was visibly shocked.

The crew on board a boat that was part of the great white shark film project did a good job of ensuring that the outcome was a happy one. What an escapade that was.[mashvideo]

Source: Gabe and Garrett

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