Greatest Engineering Achievements Clip-Air Aims to Turn Trains into Planes


Clip Air, The Air Subway : New Way To Air Travel

Clip Air, The Air Subway

While we all hope and dream of the futuristic development in transportation that TV series used to promise as we were younger, some scientists are actually working on making every wish upon a falling star come true! A new concept in the industry of air-traveling is taking form in the clip-air planes that would make the cut for an embellished future.

Get aesthetics in your mind together with all the Star Trek technology and there you go: the airplane of the unfolding time to come, mesmerizing and suitable for all tastes, be it Feng Shui or Minimalist, it reaches inside children’s fantasies and puts all ideas from mind to paper and, finally, to air. A pleasure to see, a new niche to explore and a whole family of advantages for us all.

Consisting of up to three capsules/support in clip air structure, the era of waiting in the airport for hours on end before setting foot on air is coming to an end.

Clip Air, The Air Subway New Way To Air Travel

Imagine a world where you get up in the morning and stroll along the pavement to the nearest underground or tube, only to find yourself in an airplane leading to a different city in a matter of hours, and with an even larger stake on the table, not one of the struggles of having to handle all the paperwork that today’s flights require.

Clip Air, The Air Subway New Way To Air Travell

The possibility clip air presents itself as a cheaper experience, with much less energy consumed as opposed to its previous airplane “brothers” and with a safer and more reliable component as each capsule, depending on individual preferences, will be isolated from the other. Think cargo, think lower shipment rates, think fast, low-cost vacations, think quick embarkment, think about having a bargain as compared to today’s high-priced trips.

A versatility in a tube, that’s what clip air airplanes promise, and we are more than delighted to follow-up on the pattern that is leading to a prospect one could only fantasize of, as with the multitude of roles that this enlightening idea has brought to the surface, we are only now beginning to realize that the future is here.[mashvideo]

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