Guess What Land Rover Discovery Pull’s A Train


Land rover Just Launched Discovery Sport And Guess What, To Show It’s Incredible Engine Power And New Paddleshift controls, It’s tow a 108 tons Rail Carriage.
Land Rover Discovery Pull's A Train

Marketing Strategies, Publicity Gimmicks and Tricks, In Today’s connected world every company is spending the extra bit of cash to attract new customers with their new innovative add campaigns. Land Rover just released an add of showing it’s new SUV Discover Sports which is pulling three luxury carriage in Switzerland and across the River Rhine over a 935 foot long rail bridge. 

This type of marketing Strategies, are not new now and then big automotive company releases there big innovative adds which feature movie star or their vehicles do the extreme for which they are not designed for. Remember the Jean-claude Van Damme Volvo splits. and also Toyota Tundra pulling a 292,000 pound Space shuttle.  Every company does it and every company will do it.

Land Rover Discovery Pull's A Train rail wheels

In this add Land Rover, conduct a demonstration of their Discover Sport’s towing capability in Switzerland they add some minor details in the cars like a small sets a railway tracks to keep the car stabilize in railway tracks. Then they hooked three luxury carriage with a combined weight of over 108 tons, which is already 60 times more heavy than the slated weight of 2.75 tons, which Land River designated for discovery sports.

Land Rover Discovery Pull's A Train apc control

You can then see in the video, that Land Rover’s SUV Discovery Sport, does pull those carriage in a relative ease down the tracks and also get over a  935 foot long rail bridge, Hemishofen bridge, by engaging the auto dive mode and literally pulling feet from the pedal’s.

For more details about Land Rover’s this SUV, Discovery Sport, visit this.


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