Hall Of Shame: 8 Movie Posters That Are Copied From Hollywood


Hall Of Shame: 8 Movie Posters That Are Copied From Hollywood

Many people think that bollywood considers the ‘Inspiration’ as like a misguided term. You will be stunned to know that the film makers, choreographers, music composer and even the actors has got a trick to turn to Hollywood for easy and quick references. Media24by7 is listed below some really funny posters of bollywood movies that are truly copied from the Hollywood ones. Keep scrolling the stuff, we guarantee you will be definitely amazed after reading.

  • The movie pk is continuing on its way to hit the Bollywood. The readers would be shocked to see that PK’s controversial poster showing a nude portrait of Amir is perfectly copied from Hollywood. The poster is completely similar with the poster of a Portuguese singer Quim Barreiro. The man had proposed the poster in order to promote one of his music albums. His poster was released in the year 1973.

pk copied poster

  • The officially launched poster of the movie ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’ was inspired from the poster of Hollywood film ‘Lords of dog town’. The backgrounds of both the posters were completely similar. Even the star cast displayed on the poster had similar dresses and makeover.

zindagi na milegi dobara copied poster

  • Malika’s all time controversial drama was truly visible in the movie ‘Ugly or Pagli’. The lady did everything to promote her bold and frank role in the movie. Malika was the central character in the movie. Readers would be stunned to see that the official posters of the movie were copied from the posters of Hollywood movie ‘Till death’. Some reports even reveal that there were a lot of arguments before the release of Ugly or pagli, as the film was believed to be copied from the Hollywood romantic and comic drama ‘Till the death’.

Ugly aur Pagli Poster Copied from Till Death

  • The very expensive film ‘Ra-One’ Produced under the banner of Sharukh khan’s production house had got its posters copied from the Hollywood action fiction movie ‘Batsman Begins’. However, Kareena was looking sexiest in the movie posters.

batman ra-one poster

  • Do you remember the official posters of Murder 3 were highly appreciated across the country? We are here offering the real story behind the poster. The posters of ‘Murder3’ are copied from the Hollywood thriller drama film ‘Jennifer’s body’. The rose under the lips with a sexy blood flow created a great controversy when it was revealed that the two posters were completely same.


  • The movie ‘Hulchul’ was a the fantastic comic drama. The movie got viral around the world in very less time. Movie had got all the actors with excellent comic timing. Comic theme was the true soul of Hulchal. The readers would be stunned to notice that Hulchal’s original and official posters were completely copied from the Hollywood comic movie ‘My big fat Greek wedding’. Reports reveal that there were even some similarities in the story plots of both the films.

hulchul poster copied

  • Malika’s another controversial poster in order to promote her movie ‘Hiss’ were completely copied from the posters of Hollywood movie ‘King Arthur’.

  • Anjana-Anjani was a big hit worldwide. The duo (Piggy chops and Ranbir) ware being considered as the beautiful couple. Anjana-Anjani’s official posters were inspired from the poster of Hollywood movie ‘An Education’.copied
  • The glamorous posters of Kareena for the promotion of the movie ‘Heroine’ were copied from the posters of Hollywood musician Mariah Carey. Mariah has done this photo shoot in order to promote her music album


We hope you have definitely enjoyed reading this. There are many more movie posters that reportedly  copied from Hollywood movies. For more exiting updates stay tuned with Media24by7.

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