Incredible Fight! Harbour Seal vs Giant Pacific Octopus


Incredible Fight! Harbour Seal vs Giant Pacific Octopus

An amazing conflict between two big sea animals became the attention of the public. This spectacular fight occurred between a harbor seal and a giant pacific octopus in Water off Ogden Point, Victoria, Canada.

The fight took place for more than 10 minutes. It was first spotted by a man named Bob Lason, who was walking with his wife, daughter, and grandson. In the beginning, he only saw the seal, but when it was up to the surface, there was something in its mouth. This spectacle drew the attention of onlookers there.

After several minutes paying attention to the seal’s mouth, people recognized that there was a giant octopus in the seal’s mouth. It looked proud of his catch. Indeed, octopus is a regular diet of harbour seal, but on this case, the fight was a two-sided one. They struggled manly and each appeared to be winning the battle at one point or another.

These two giant animals came up to the surface, then went back down into the water and came up again. This pattern occurred several times. 

The fight was finally won by the seal, since the octopus looked helpless. In the end, the entire head of the poor octopus had already been in the mouth of its opponent.

The seal was predicted to have 4,5 feet long, while the octopus was predicted to reach 15 kilogram. Commonly, this kind of giant octopus can weigh up to 50 pounds.

It was a great fortune that there was an opportunity to record this highly rare occasion. Although this fight had happened several times before, but there was almost no one that had a chance to document this incredible event in a video. That is why this video became one of the worthy documentaries about animals in nature and had been watched for more than 2 million times.[mashvideo]

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