The Harpoon Car: The Good And The Bad


The Harpoon Car: The Story Behind It

The Harpoon Car The Good And The Bad

When you think of a harpoon, you will definitely think fishing and how a harpoon hooks fish. However, in the month of August of 1996 in Oulu, Finland, the traffic police who had gotten fed up with speeding drivers, so desperately wanted to curb the menace, that they came up with a harpoon car.

What Is A Harpoon Car?

This car was simply a police car that had a harpoon- like device attached to it at the front area. The police drove around with the harpoon car and would effectively stop any over speeding drivers. %CODEGifyTheHarpoonCar%

How The Harpoon Car Worked

This harpoon-like device which was attached at the front of the police car had a tear gas canister attached to. Te car will then chase the speeding car and hook it, an effective way of forcing the speeding driver to stop. Sometimes the speeding car’s occupants would refuse to come out. In such a case, the harpoon would release tear gas which will definitely force them out of the car.

Why The Device Would Have Been Beneficial

The harpoon device would have been very advantageous to the traffic police. In the case of curbing the speeding drivers menace. Drivers who are in the habit of speeding would have definitely shied away from doing so for fear of having their car damaged by the harpoon or worse, being tear-gassed. Criminals who are getting away by car will also have been easily stopped by the harpoon car and apprehended. There is no doubt that if the harpoon idea was in use today, cases of accidents due to speeding drivers would be considerably reduced.

Why The Harpoon Device Idea Wasn’t Widely Adopted

Despite sounding like a great idea, the harpoon idea wasn’t widely adopted. It is evident that it contributed to the damage of many cars. Also, innocent occupants in a speeding vehicle such as children or pregnant mothers might have been tear gassed which would have eventually translated to police brutality and the whole human rights mayhem raining on the police department. Another main thing that might have contributed to the device not being widely adopted was that not all speeding drivers are criminals or just speeding for the sake of it. A driver could be rushing a sick loved one to hospital hence the speeding, and harpooning them and tear gassing them would definitely not look good.

It was a great idea, but in time the police finally reverted to their old ways of doing business when they realized that the cons of the harpoon far exceeded the pros.


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