Have you ever wondered if your iPhone could stop a bullet?


Have you ever wondered if your iPhone could stop a bullet?

You might have heard urban legends about everyday objects saving someone’s life, but how true are those legends?
Well the YouTube channel Everything Apple Pro set out to put their iPhones to the test in order to find out whether an iPhone could save their life someday. Using six iPhones, a Galaxy S and an iPhone clone they set up a mini firing range where they pitted their iPhones against an AK-74 assault rifle with a steel core bullet.

On the first attempt the bullet, traveling at over 2,900 ft/sec, ripped through the first four iPhones before lodging itself in the 5th. On the second attempt the bullet ripped through five iPhones but it left the 6th intact and working.

The verdict is that you should carry six iPhones around in your pocket to foil anyone who might be trying to kill you.If they come at you with a 12-gauge shotgun however, you might want to turn around and run because their tests with a shotgun left all 8 phones obliterated.

Can an iPhone 6 plus save your life from a bullet ?

Bet you have never asked yourself if a phone can save your life . So someone went ahead and did it for you . Can an iPhone 6 Plus save your life ? The Video is a close range shooting of an AK-74 . Six iPhone 6 Plus phones are in a row . Abullet is from the AK-74 . The first round proves that you would need to have about five iPhone 6 Plus Phones to save your life .

A second experiment where the bullet is at the screen proves you would need six of the phones . The actual problem is where how you would be carrying the six phones . Anyway , this is an optimistic experiment as an AK-74 is a powerful war machine .

An experiment with a shotgun proves fatal .No phone is on the table .As a conclusion to the experiment you need to carry around 7 iPhone 6 plus phones to save your life from a bullet . that is assuming you know where the shooter is aiming .


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