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Sketch that will amaze you : Leng Jung Photorealistic Painting and Works

Born in 1963 in Sichuan, Leng Jun is one of the best artists in photorealistic painting. After graduating from Wuhan Normal College, Leng decided to pursue his career in life. Looking at his works, you can clearly see talent at work.

Currently, he is the vice president of Wuhan Painting academy. For the many years he has been in the industry, Leng has helped many determined youths achieve their dreams.


Leng’s works have featured in both the local as well as international exhibitions. This has made him to be among the most influential and represented artistic when it comes to surreal painting.


In fact, anyone who wants to be successful in pencil drawings and photo realism painting must study works of this artist. One of the things that make his works unique from others is realism.


He does all his best to bring out the realism in every object he paints.

He uses sketches to make sure that he comes up with intriguing as well as vivid paintings.


Before he starts to paint any object, Leng scans and tries to understand the desired details in order to create something that will impress you.

He uses the overall view and delves into the minor details so that he can achieve a master piece painting and great overall effect.


In conclusion, if you want to learn more about photorealistic painting and sketch’s, then you should look at the works by Leng.


The talented and popular artistic has created some many beautiful exhibitions at the local and international platform.

The realism in his sketch’s is among those things that will make you to admire him even more. To find out more about his works, you can check with his official site.


His great commitment and beauty of his works have enabled him to create a name within the painting industry.

For more Leng Jun, works you can visit, kaifineart, and admire the Leng Jun sketch’s.

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