Heart-breaking! Death of an orphan baby penguin


Heart-breaking !! The death of an orphan baby penguin:

Penguins can be found all over the Antarctica as they are the most successful animals who learned to survive the harsh weather conditions. They always are found in the group in which male penguins are responsible for the food supply and the female penguins take care of the kittens. They regularly increase the population and at times it becomes hard for female penguins to take care of the newborn baby.

In the video, it is shown that the mother is doing everything to maintain the health of the baby with the help of father penguin. Small kittens use the gap between the legs of the mother penguin as a shelter so that they can get enough warmth in early days.

The food availability is managed by a father who at times had to walk miles to open sea where they can find seafood. When the male penguins go for the hunt and it will take those weeks in search of food and come back to the crew. Weeks can be a long phase for female penguins as they need to take care of kittens and even had to fight with the weather.

The time male penguins left, the weather changed and ice storm hit the crew. This will be the right time for the crew to move and find a better place for a hide-out. In the struggle, one kitten left behind and was unable to find its mother.

The baby tried to cope with other penguins to find the space between the legs but was unable to. The other female penguins even tried to help but don’t have the intensity and the love which mother is supposed to provide. Every time the baby gets the space, it left behind in the harsh weather.

After judging the situation, three penguins came to help the baby but they fought for the right to handle the kitten. In the fight, they crushed the baby with the weight and lost the life. After sensing that there is no breath left, the penguins moved on and left the body of the baby behind. It is hard to see such videos but this is how the life moves on.


Source: BBC Earth

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