Heartfelt Story of a Duck Trying to Rescue its Best Friend


Heartfelt Story of a Duck Trying to Rescue its Best Friend which was a Monkey from Certain Death

Never has there been such a heartbreaking story between a duck and a monkey, who shared a special bond that few other animals in the animal kingdom ever had cross-species.

They have been best friends ever since birth and their friendship was so strong that they were practically inseparable. The fact that monkeys are known to be extremely wild animals only adds to how unique and special this friendship was.

Unfortunately, a few days ago when the monkey was playfully running around, it touched a live wire causing it to be electrocuted on the spot. Hearing the painful screams of agony of his young tailed friend, the duck quickly rushed over and valiantly tried to get the live wire off its dying friend.

Little did the duck know that it too would get electrocuted on the spot and die shortly beside its furry friend.

duck monkey
The duck’s selfless act in order to save the monkey has undoubtedly touched the hearts of the villagers and many have expressed their sorrow over the death of these two special creatures.

While people are saddened by their death, it is comforting to know that they are now in a better place.

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