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You can easily register and become member of Media24by7 or using your social network accounts Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram

Login – Allows you to choose what happens after logins to media24by7. You can update your user profile and account, create a post follow to other user

Logout – Allows you to choose what happens after login you can logouts from your user panel on top right corner of desktop and on menu bar of mobile or tablets

User Profiles Add beautiful user profiles to your account which can be fully customized to your site’s specific requirements
Key Features

Custom appearance – The user profiles are fully customizable so you can give your profiles a unique look including changing the cover photo aspect ratio, profile photo shape and much more.
Remove cover photos – Don’t want cover photos? you can choose alternative user profile design if you do not want to include cover photos on the profile.
User info -You can highlight important user info in the header section of profile by selecting from your specific fields from your fields list. If left blank no user info will show in header.
User bio – The profile header also includes a user bio area where users can write a short description about themselves. This can be turned off if you don’t need user bios.
Display name – You can select the display name first and last name and others.
Profile Permalinks – Your username  will be your public profile URL

Manage Your Account

User Account Page Allow members to easily manage their own accounts directly from the Account setting

Key Features

Account tab – The account tab allows users to change their first and last name, as well as updating their email address.
Change password tab -This tab allows users to change their password. For added security, users must enter their original password before they can change their password.
Privacy tab – This tab allows users to control their profile’s privacy. User’s can make their profile private and they can also hide their profile from showing in member directories.
Delete account -This tab allows users to delete their own accounts. For added security, users must enter their password before deleting their account.
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How do I turn off the emails?

To turn off a specific email notification, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

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How to subscribe Click the Subscribe button that appears into any article type your email id and submit

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