Here are 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles in The World


Here are 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles in The World

Most men love big bikes so much they’d spend a fortune to own one, especially those who love hitting the open road and riding like they are running away from something scary. We are used to seeing two wheelers adorning our long open highways or the busy concrete streets, a manly sight that leave some of us envying the rider while others are cringing in dismay. We’ve seen many ingeniously designed motorbikes introduced over the years, coming to play with, or replacing some common brands. Some of the big boys like Yamaha new sports bike have received stiff competition from new innovations, and now 10 most expensive bikes today in the world are simply a representation of advancement in technology and class.

10. Icon Sheen- 172,000 Dollars

Icon Sheen- 172,000 Dollars

Barry Sheen is one of the most charismatic British motorbike figure. This is the first ultra-bike, with Suzuki 1400-cc engine and motech formula 1 wiring system. The bike also boasts data-logging and mapping adjustments. It is a perfect piece of engineering with 250-bhp and 133-lb ft of torque to show off. Now you know why this amazing machine would make you parts with 172,000 dollars to own.

9. MTT Turbine Streetfighter- 175,000 Dollars

MTT Turbine Streetfighter- 175,000 Dollars

This is the Y-2-K Turbine Superbike, and is a wheel-driven motorbike. This superbike is designed with turbo-shaft engine and is powered by Rolls Royce Allison Model-250 gas turbine that produces 320-shp at 52,000rpm. This is not only among the most expensive, but also among the fastest motorbikes around.

8. Suzuki AEM Carbon-Fiber Hayabusa- 200,000 Dollars

Suzuki AEM Carbon-Fiber Hayabusa- 200,000 Dollars

This is one special bike created by the great motorcycle company, Suzuki collaborating with AEM. This bike is designed with an extremely light frame to allow the engine to revolution the motorbike up-to 186 miles in an hour. The bike has adjustable cam sprockets, HD valve springs, Wossner forged 9.5:1turbo-pistons and rods, cosmetic MLS, and other amazing features that makes it one of the most epricely bikes in the world.

7. Ducati NCR Macchia Nera- 225,000

Ducati NCR Macchia Nera- 225,000

This bike was limited edition, and that is among the reasons why it is among the most expensive bikes today. The name is Italian, and actually means Black Spot, referring to the charred pavement the bike leaves behind when you ride it. With only 185 hp, 4 valves per cylinder, and six speed transmission, it is clear that the price doesn’t come from its performance.

6. Encose Titanium FE Ti XX- 300,000 Dollars

Encose Titanium FE Ti XX- 300,000 Dollars

This is amongfthe newest in the top list. The bike is powered by 2,409-cc billet engine. It also features Ecosse’s highest horsepower ever; 225-hp at its rear wheel. It also has Carbon fiber finishes, and among the most high-end saddle.

5. Dodge Tomahawk V10- 550,000 Dollars

Dodge Tomahawk V10- 550,000 Dollars

This is is the first bike o the list to exceed the half a million dollar mark. It weighs a ridiculous 1500 pounds. The bike can accelerate from zero to 60 in just 2.5 seconds, and can reach up to more than 300 miles per hour.

4. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship- 1.5 Million Dollars


The only American Motorcycle exceeding one million mark isn’t doing so badly after is a roving work of art, and features some of the most innovative characteristics in the motorbike industry. Though its performance is not one of the best, its uniqueness and style keeps it so expensive.

3. Yamaha BMS- 3 Million DollarsYamaha BMS

The only Yahama in the list and doing so well. This bike boasts a 1,700-cc V twin engine. The bike is so powerful, and its design is unique. The seat is upholstered in red-velvet while most of the other parts coated in 24 karat-gold.

2. Ecosse Spirit- 3.6 Million Dollars


To ride this bike, you will first have to take a 2 week class at Ecosse headquarters. This is one of the fastest and most sophisticated bikes of this generation. With a compound construction and electric control system, it is fast, and light and the best.

1. Neiman Marcus Fighter- 11 Million Dollars


People who can own this machine are not as many as with the other bikes. This bike crazily expensive, and is the most pricely bike on the planet. It can only reach up to 190 miles/hour, but the design is so beautiful and a lot of innovative features are included.

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