Highest Recorded Temperatures On EARTH

The Highest Temperature EVER! Global warming has been a buzzword for a while now, and schools of thought differ greatly when it comes to this phenomenon. Some purport that there isn’t enough evidence to support this growing concern, while others blame every one of the current climatic problems on global warming.

The Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded Anywhere on Earth

The Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded Anywhere on Earth

One thing is certain, though, that the Highest Recorded Temperatures On EARTH are uncomfortable, no matter the cause. Temperatures in South Africa often reach 42 Degrees Celsius in the hottest parts. That is about 107.6 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot for locals, but it doesn’t come close to the hottest places in recorded history on earth.

Over the last century, before global warming even became a thing, high temperatures were recorded in different parts of the world, and these temperatures were so high you would be surprised to know that most of these areas have an extensive human population! In Selah in Algeria reached earth temperatures of 50.06 Degrees Celsius, or 123 degrees F on July 12th, 2002, Oodnadatta-Australia reached 50.07 C or 123.2 F on January 2nd, 1960, and on June 25th, 1951, San Luis Rio Colorado in Mexico reached a sweltering 52 Degrees Celsius, or 125, 06 F. Still, though.

This doesn’t come close to the hottest temperature in the world! Other high recorded temperatures are Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Nasiriyah, Iraq, Tirat Tsvi in Israel and Mohenjo-daro in Pakistan, which reached world record high temperatures of 52 Degrees Celsius (125.6F)-the same for Jeddah and Nasiriyah, 53 Degrees Celsius (127.4F), and 53.5 Degrees Celsius (128.3F), respectively.

What is the highest temperature recorded in the world, though? Is it Sulaibiya in Kuwait, which, on the 12th July 2012 reached temperatures of 53.6 Degrees Celsius (128.5F)?Is it Kebili, Tunisia, which recorded 55 Degrees Celsius (131 F) on July 7th, 1931?No!The hottest temperature on earth on record to date is Death Valley, California. This low-lying part of the United States, the lowest, hottest and driest on the continent, lived up to its name on July 10th, 1913, when temperatures were recorded at 56. 7 Degrees Celsius (134 F).

Temperatures in this area average 49 Degrees Celsius, or 120 Degrees Fahrenheit, making this one of, if not the hottest place on the planet! These temperatures seem unbearable, and for most of us, they really are. When it becomes uncomfortably hot, we use the many luxuries in our lives that mitigate this heat. Let us hope that the Highest Recorded Temperatures On EARTH remain just that, timestamps in our earth’s history!

The Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded


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