HomeOwner Shocked As Suspect Pulled Out Of Hot Tub


HomeOwner Shocked As Police Found Suspect Hiding In His Hot Tub By Waking Him Up

A California homeowner was in utter shock when police pulled a suspect out of his hot tub. Don Norell, the homeowner woke up to the noises of the police as they descended on his property at 5 in the morning in search of a suspect who had evaded them. Earlier, the police attempted to stop Erick Flower who was speeding on the freeway. At one point, a passenger he was carrying jumped off but the guy kept going eventually crashing his Ford Mustang.[mashvideo]

Flowers then fled on foot and hopped a 21-foot fence onto the homeowner’s backyard. The suspect then hid in Norell’s Hot Tub where he stayed for around 30 minutes. Somehow, he managed to survive in the covered Jacuzzi (Hot Tub) before he was pulled out having passed out. The homeowner also said that the suspect looked dead when he was pulled out of the 104-degree water.

Flowers was then booked for a number of charges including evading police and possession of stolen property. Police said the suspect was under the influence of methamphetamine. A loaded shotgun, stolen property and drugs were also found in his car.

The incident worked up things in the reservedly quiet neighborhood according to Norrel. To avoid such ever happening again, the homeowner said he will put a lock on the tub’s cover.

It quite hilarious the extent some people can go to escape police arrest.

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