Horse Vs Gator, Horse Stomps On Alligator

Horse Vs Gator, Horse Stomps On Alligator – Only in Florida unseen viral video :

Florida is a dreamland for hikers and who wants a getaway from the busy schedule of the weekdays. There are mountains, plains, and rivers which make it one of the best places in the county and a habitat for different species including some dangerous ones.

Horse Vs Gator, Horse Stomps On Alligator

Horse Vs Gator, Horse Stomps On Alligator

A new video has emerged which became a sensation on the internet in which a horse encountered a gator at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Micanopy which is just south of Gainesville. It was a normal day at the park when Krystal M Berry and her group of hikers saw something strange at the specific location.

They saw another group of horses which came away from the plains in search of the food and just aside of the group there was a gator who was lying on the ground in search of its prey.

The crew knew something got to happen ad they started to record the video in search of an attack by a gator. After few moments, one horse came close to the gator but the predator didn’t move a breath in order to broad its stance and not to give any chance to horse to run away from the trap.

Suddenly, the gator attacked with its open mouth but the horse which is known for alertness and for the speed of light jumped and stamped over the gator. This was shocking for the crowd as they never saw such quick reaction from the horse.

The gator tried again to hold onto the leg of the horse but it stamped the gator away for the second time and this was the moment, the gator realized the power of its prey and let it go without further involvements.

Soon after the group of horses went away from the scene and left the gator alone, realizing the strength of it. The video is not even for one minute but covers all the incident and showed us the cycle of the ecosystem. These animals have no friends as before blinking the eye, the predator can be a prey for another predator.


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