Hot Dog Sparklers For Independence Weekend


Independence Day comes just once a year on the 4th day of July every year. One of the best ways to celebrate this weekend if you would be having an edible hot dog sparkler. We shall see how to prepare one.

Hot Dog Sparklers For Independence Weekend

You will require the following ingredients.

· Pizza dough

· A couple of hot dogs

· Wooden skewers

· Cookie cutter

· Slices of Colby cheese

You have to follow the directions as under.

· The first step is to preheat the oven to around 1750 C.

· Using a sharp kitchen knife, you should slice one end of the hot dogs into the shape of a spent sparkler.

· Use the kitchen skewer to thread its way through the hot dog from the other end to leave an inch between the top point of the hot dog and the skewer.

· The next step involves cutting the pizza dough into thin strips. After cutting the same, you have to wrap the strips around the hot dog. Using a cookie cutter, slice out a piece of Colby cheese.

· You have to bake the hot dog in the oven and wait until the pizza dough turns golden brown in color.

· Place the Colby cheese piece over the hotdog on the tip of the skewer and make it look like a sparkler.

Your hot dog sparklers are ready for use as a celebration for this Independence Weekend.


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