How deep is the Ocean?


How deep is the Ocean?

Many debates surround exactly how deep the ocean is. You might probably have asked yourself this question and after searching the net you did not get satisfactory answers. This is because the web is plastered with too much information most of which is incorrect.

In this article, I have compiled different measurements of how deep the ocean is with many facts that have been arrived at after a series of precise analysis and measurements.

After a series of tests, the record of the deepest a recreational scuba diver can dive stands at 40 meters. The ocean goes deeper than that. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower which is the tallest structure in Paris at 301 meters can be fully submerged in the ocean with the least disturbance of the waters?

I know that’s pretty scary, but it’s the truth. The blue whale is among the largest sea creatures. A surprising fact about the blue whale is that the deepest they have been observed to dive is at 500 meters below the surface.

Another amazing fact about the ocean is how deep the sunlight goes. Intellects and observers of the sea have noted that the light from the sun reaches a maximum depth of 1000 meters beyond which is total darkness. The Grand Canyon in Colorado River in Arizona State is thought of as the deepest point on earth. The lowest point has been recorded to be at 1828 meters.

So the question remains, how deep is the ocean? The average depth of the ocean has been calculated to be 4267 meters. But that’s not the deepest the ocean can go. Mount Everest is the highest mountain on our planet at 8850 meters. Surprisingly is can be fully dipped into the ocean and completely covered.

There are many people who have attempted to reach the bottom of the ocean, and although they did not succeed, some came very close. In 2012, film director James Cameron reached a depth of 10899 meters. However, the record of the deepest depth that man has reached is still held by Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard who in 1960 reached a depth of 10994 meters.

In answer to your question about how deep is the ocean, I will give you the depth of the deepest point in the oceans. The Marianna Trench, in western Pacific Oceans, is the deepest point in the world’s oceans. The deepest point records a depth of 11, 034 meters. Now you know how deep the ocean is.


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