How Mahira Khan Has Become Bollywood’s First Choice For SRK’s Raees


How Mahira Khan Has Become Bollywood’s First Choice For SRK’s Raees

The beautiful actress from Pakistan, Mahira khan will be appearing for the first time on television as a model. Khan’s most famous drama serial is “Humsafar” which has been written by Farhat Ishtaq. One of the best directors of Pakistan Sarmad Khoosat had directed the serial and did a great work. Mahira performed a role of simple girl named Khirad. The lady was also appreciated for her excellent performance in the Movie “Bol” but after that she revealed her new and real talent in the show Humsafar with a different character. It was Mehreen Jabbar and Khoosat who saw Mahira’s incredible acting skills first time and motivated her to give a boost to her career in films.

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The gorgeous diva, VJ Mahira loves her family members a lot.The lady feels that her parents are very supportive and caring. Mahira got married with Ali Askari. The man is serving for Pakistan’s television industry since 10 years. He is being considered as one of the most concerned personality for doing struggle to make Pakistan’s television world successful and famous all over the world. It demonstrates that he is a true patriot. The couple (Mahira and Ali) is pursuing a great love life together.The couple has got a two year old son named as Alan. Reports reveal that Feeha Jamshed and Aiza is Mahira’s best friends who always support her to sort out her personal problems.  Mahira has a great personality, beauty and charm. She completed her graduation from a renowned college of Karachi and went abroad for higher education.

There at the university Mahira took admission in a world class University of California, However, due to her personal problems she could not complete her course. The thing that will make the readers shocked is when Mahira was in LOS Angeles College, She also did some odd jobs like a cashier at public office, cleaning implements, Rite Aid and even shutting the stores at night. Whenever the lady recalls those days of struggle, she gets emotional but also laughs a lot. In the childhood Mahira lived with her paternal grandparents. The Pakistani diva and the model Mahira Khan lived a sheltered life therefore it was difficult for the lady to live alone in United States. However, she showed strong will power there. Mahira revealed in one of her interviews that she was in real trouble when  once a fat lady come to her and asked, are these jeans perfect for me? It was a real annoying job for Mahira to answer the question.

Mahira met Ali for the first time at Los Angeles. Ghanzanfar Ali changed Mahra’s life. Ghanzanfar  is the CEO of television network at Pakistan. He was the frst one who gave her chance in MTV as a video jockey, when MTV was the new forthcoming Chanel.  Mahira revealed in a radio interview”I would be unable to reach at this destination without Ghanzanfar’s support. Actually the lady was so confused about working with Ghanzanfar but her future husband Ali Askari helped her in this matter and she agreed. The beautiful lady admitted that she really enjoyed working with Ghanzanfar because she had never done such a creative job before. However the plan worked and she got succeed. Ali Askari proposed her in the mid of her new job as a VJ on MTV, and soon after this the couple got married.

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