OMG! How this girl earns over Rs 10,000 in 2 hrs. watch the video


OMG! How this girl earns over Rs 10,000 in 2 hrs. watch the video

Free video site like Youtube has been one of the the famous social media website where information in the form of a videos is being spread over to the different parts of the world. Youtube videos are a social viral conveying information all over the universe.In this youtube video, a community with low standards of living is shown. Homelessness is evident in this part of the world, infact, its the theme or subject to the charity scam. The charity scam represents a homeless children experiment where homeless children are borrowing money from the citizens and the setup represents a social experiment. They appear half naked and demanding money from people.

The homeless children raise the attention of the citizens from which this lady oversees an opportunity to raise the money or earn her living. she follows the path of the begging homeless children with a tin well covered at the top to allow only the entry of money but not allowing the generous citizens observing what amount is inside the tin. She labels the tin ‘donation for blind people’ and then go after people for donation. This label is just but the outermost layer, other labelled layers lay beneath it.

The generous dwellers donate money for her all in the believe that she is genuine in her undertaking.After the lady convinces a good number or the generous dwellers, that is, her first round, she is off to her private place where she empties the tin keeping all the money as her richness. The lady detaches the outer layer labelled ‘donations for the blind people’ and leaves the second layer that reads ‘donation for homeless people’, this will be her second round of the business charity.

Just as her usual trend, she follows the path followed by the homeless children and with all the hopes, the generous dwellers donate for her. The lady is opportunistic over the homelessness of the children and the generosity of the citizens enabling her to make ten thousand shillings in about two hours.The whole setup can be seen as a homeless children experiment in a given the social experiment.

Today am going to teach you how you can make money on YouTube by free video upload of a social experiment video, I know you are excited by the prospect of making a few bucks, right, sit back and let me show you how.First you must have good equipment i.e. a good hd camera to record the HD Video and Gmail account, you can use your personal Gmail account but I could advice that you create one exclusively for this purpose. The username in the email account should be something you would want to be identified with.

Secondly get the content of what you want to upload, take a video of a funny videos, film video clips, a short films or whatever else you might want to upload.Once you are done creating your content, you tube requires you to categorize the content into the appropriate category, then check if you have all the rights for monetirization of the video. (this includes the background music).Now you can sit back and master all the patience you can as you watch the likes growing and the bucks too .


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