How to Apply for Passport Online


How to Apply for Passport Online

Planning to visit a foreign country, do you have your passport with you? If yes then it is good but if not the give us a chance to be your guide in achieving it for you, just follow the following steps:
First, decide which type of passport you fit in:

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a. Regular Passport (Deep Blue): If you are an ordinary citizen, going out just for fun/ study or to meet someone, you need to have this passport. This passport comes in two varieties one is 36 pages booklet, and other is 60 pages booklet, one has to decide which one is suitable for him while applying for one. Type “P” written on it stands for “Personal”.
b. Official Passport (White Cover): Issued to those who are going out for some official work or for some government work.
c. Diplomatic Passport (Maroon Cover): Unless and until you lie under a category of top diplomats or top authorities of India, you are not supposed to have this passport.
d. Hajj Passport: Specially designed for Indian Muslims, who does not have ordinary passport.
So now, once you have decided that in which category you come, now lets us start with the application:

1. You have to get your profile registered on the online passport seva portal, by clicking on the “Register” button shown on Apply section on Homepage.

2. You have to login with the registered login ID, which you have made in last step.

3. Click on “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport” link.

4. You have to fill the required information as shown on the page; here you have to select that whether you want a 36-page passport or a 60-page passport.

5. Once the required details are filled, click on Submit button.

6. After submitting the form next page will be to review the details you have filled, here you can change the details you have filled.

7. Once you are sure with, the details you have filled are correct, now it is the time for final submission by clicking on “Pay and Schedule Appointment”. It will redirect to an external page where you can make the required payment through various types like through your debit/credit cart, through online banking (SBI and other associative banks only) or through SBI bank challan. Details of various fees they charge for making different passports are:

a. Rs 1500 will be charged for fresh or renew passport which contains 36 pages, valid for 10 years.

b. Rs. 2000 will be charged for fresh or renew passport which contains 60 pages valid for 10 years.

c. Rs. 3500 will be charged for same 36 pages passport but if you are in hurry (under tatkal scheme)

d. Rs. 4000 will be charged for same 60 pages passport but if you are in hurry(under tatkal scheme)

e. Rs. 1000 for a fresh passport for minors (below 15 years), and is valid for 5 years or till they achieve the age of 18(whichever is earlier)

f. Rs. 3000 for a duplicate passport (36 pages), if your passport is either lost or stolen.

g. Rs 3500 for a duplicate passport (60 page), if your passport is either lost or stolen.

8. Indian passports can also be issued in foreign countries also, but fees vary for them.

Therefore, now you know that how to make a passport, so now you can get one and enjoy your visit to any foreign country, with the visa (off course). If in case you still feel any problem of needs some help in visa getting process, please let us know, we will try to cover those topics in the upcoming days.

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