How To Crack IIT – JEE in their first attempt


How To Crack IIT – JEE in their first attempt

Initial step to Crack IIT – JEE is that you should work very sincerely in order to crack it. Always try to study hard and do not ever worry about the tough competition and rankings. As everyone knows that final result is a matter of comparative ranking and given how well the long term planners have struggled for it. Always try to make sure that only a planned study will help you get the desired score.

Collect & Solve Previous Year Question Papers:

Always try to solve out previous year examination papers, they are best if you wish to explore all the topics perfectly. The most helpful feature of the previous year’s question papers is that they have an abundance of numerical problems. Students must always remember that in all the three subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, candidates are most likely to scale the cut-off if they are perfect at solving numerical problems, as the question paper contains higher percentage of numerical stuff as compared to the theory one.

Boost Up Problem Solving Skills & Speed

However; speed is believed to be the most determining factor if you’re appearing in such examinations. Sometimes student are perfectly able to solve all the questions asked in the paper, but their slow speed discourage them to score higher ranking. In order to improve your speed, you must regularly try to solve at least 20 numerical and 30 theoretical questions.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practising a lot of questions can help you have a sharp thinking capacity, as the tough problems compel you to think and revise the hard formulae and theorems again and again. So that by the time you go for the actual exam, you perfectly develop a knack for recognizing the type of problem at once, just by looking at it.

Get a Trainer With Caution!

One must always try to build faith factor for such competitive exams. Always explore about the importance of faith building while preparing for such high level tests. Try to connect with the coaching classes that conduct confidence building sessions and motivational classes in order to help you score good marks in the exams. Trainer matter a lot if you’re truly preparing for the goal to crack IIT. Try to connect with the classes that provide you with quality notes and efficient mock tests. However; you should always make sure not to depend solely on the course. Since thousands of students will be following the same pattern and a lot of them will be quite serious too, you will have to explore about the factors that will keep you ahead in the race.

Coaching Classes Aren’t Always The Best Solution:

However if one cannot afford to or is not willing to join such a course, you can prepare hard at your home. In order to prepare at home, you must solve the multitude of difficult questions that will make you immune to any difficulty level of questions asked in the exam. Make sure to judge your own performance over a set of difficult questions. Practice hard in order to match the level of those students who are already appearing mock tests in which they keep on upgrading their ranks.
There are different ways to achieve success but they all go through will power and if you are ready to give what it takes.

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