How to demolish a bridge over the M1


How to demolish a bridge over the M1

This happens to be the most bad-ass bridge demolition ever to be captured on’s so awesome that you have to see it to believe it. The bridge seen above was commissioned for a demolition. an army of hydraulic breakers descend up on that poor old bridge and they tear up the bridge with their steel pincers and they eat into it like a hot knife through butter. As the time lapse shows, these bad boys move quick and before you know it the bridge is reduced to a rubble. Now these beasts work on the pillars and in no time they are also gone. many huge trucks are called upon to clear the rubble. Now a compactor/Roller goes over the remaining rubble and a motor grader rolls on from the opposite end to create a flat surface for the asphalt to be placed on.

An asphalt distributor lays down a prime coating in preparation for paving and then a paver lays down the asphalt which is again rolled over by a compacter.all this while a new set of safety rails are being laid on either side of the road.this is finished off with a paint job. with in 15.5 hours a brand new road is laid and no traces of the Bridge can be seen.


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