MMS of Girls Changing cloth at shopping mall watch what happens


MMS of Girls Changing cloth at shopping mall watch what happens

Are you aware of this so called CAM-SCAM? This is now a trending notorious modus operandi of unscrupulous men which are preying on unsuspecting women inside trial rooms of malls, apparel shops , etc. How is this scam actually works?

Behind the mirrors inside the trial rooms, they secretly put a spy, hidden , digital camera which is actually wireless and linked to the establishment’s CCTV system. Then the video while you are changing your clothes and being naked is recorded and directly sent to porn sites. Just imagine this happening to your female loved ones, may be your daughter or sister.

You don’t have to be victimized by this scam. You just have to do this simple check while your inside any trial room. Touch the mirror with your finger, if there is a gap between your fingernail and the image of the nail then that is an authentic mirror.

But if it is otherwise, that your fingernail is directly touching the image of your nail and when you knock on the mirror , there is a hollow sound. Then you can be absolutely sure that it is a 2 way mirror and you are being watched! Please share this to your family and friends – be aware, be safe.[mashvideo]

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