Applying For A Visa? How To Get USA Visa Easily


Applying For A Visa? How To Get USA Visa Easily

Are you planning to enjoy a holiday in US, so we think that you already have got your passport prepared with you, if not then please visit our previous article on “How to get a Passport”. Here we are considering that you have passport and now facing some problems in getting a US Visa, so we are here again to guide you through the process of getting a US Visa ready.
So starting with the types of visa, there are two types of visa one can have while visiting US

1. Immigrant: For those who want to stay for a long time/permanent basis in any foreign country, one has to have this type of visa.

2. Non-Immigrant: If you are planning for a small trip, or to spend some holiday with family in US, you need to have this type of visa.

Here we are going to guide you through getting a Non-Immigrant Visa.

1. For this, first you need to select one among the types of visa you want to have

a. Business/Tourist Visa
b. Work Visa
c. Student Visa
d. Exchange Visitor Visa
e. Transit/Ship Crew Visa
f. Religious Work Visa
g. Domestic Employee Visa
h. Journalist and Media Visa

Once you have selected that under which category you fall, you are good to apply for a visa. Please check that whether your country have any Visa Waiver Program, because in it you don’t need to have any visa if you are going for some business work in US, which will complete under 90 days.

2. No you have to fill the Non immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form, just do not forget to read the guidelines before filling the form. All the details should be correct. If you feel any difficulty, you can contact an immigration lawyer or a translator. Call centre people would not be able to help you in filling this form. You need to have a DS-160 number before booking an appointment.

3. Once you have make your mind that which type of Visa is appropriate for you and you have already got a DS-160 number, now you need to pay the relevant fees online.

4. Once the fee is paid, you need to book an appointment with the Visa Appointment Center and for the Visa interview at the Embassy or the consolute. You need to have three things before applying for an interview.

a. Your Passport number
b. Visa application fee receipt number
c. The 10 digit bar code from the DS-160

5. Documents which one has to bring during a Visa Application Centre appointment:

a. A passport
b. DS-160 confirmation page
c. Appointment confirmation page
d. One photo (according to US visa specification), if the applicant is under 14 years of age.

6. Once at the Application centre your photo and fingerprints are taken, you need to visit US Embassy or Consolute on the given date, documents which you need to have this day are:

a. Appointment confirmation letter
b. DS-160 confirmation page
c. All of your passports
d. Supporting documents(differ as per visa type)
Once this embassy has made your way clear, you will get the visa and you are good to go.

So now you know that how to get the US visa, so just enjoy you stay in US.

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