How to Hide your Swimming Pool?


How to Hide your Swimming Pool?

Want a discreet swimming pool in your backyard which blends in beautifully with the landscape? With creative engineering, you can now hide your swimming pools, and rid the frustrating sight of floating dried leaves floating in your water! The Hidden Swimming Pool essentially utilizes an adjustable surface which can be submerged into the body of water beneath it. Think of the surface as a protective sheet over the swimming pool which also doubles as a nicely-tiled flooring. To achieve the natural rustic look, consider using wood or parquet flooring. Besides being both sleek and stylish, it is water-friendly and less slippery, making it safer for both adults and children.

Whether it is to accommodate an in-built flight of stairs or varied depths in the swimming pool, the surface can be divided into different parts to be submerged at different depths. You may keep it shallow for the kids, or make it deep for some serious lap-training. The Hidden Swimming Pool functions as well as it looks, and all it takes to clean the pool afterwards is to raise the surface back to its original position for some hassle-free scrubbing.[mashvideo]

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