How to increase sperm count?


How to increase sperm count?

Increase in the sperm count may be needed for medical reasons or psychological reasons. Male infertility is a common problem and if detected early remedial measures can lead to increased sperm production. Men often ask urologists how to increase my sperm production and the answer can vary from simple diet supplements to surgical correction.Being in a healthy state of mind is the 1st step. Anxiety, depression and a negative state of mind all lead to oligospermia. Not worrying too much and living a healthy lifestyle can lead to increase in sperm count. Excessive alcohol and smoking affect the reproductive system and quitting both is also a good idea.

Eating a well balanced diet with high protein and low fats with moderate exercise can work wonders for the sperm count. High protein food like chicken, beef and eggs all boost the sperm count. For vegetarians bananas, walnuts, spinach and green salad can cure oligospermia If that does not work adding a few supplements like levo carnitine, folic acid and multi vitamins have shown level two evidence to increase the sperm levels. A chinese medicine called ginseng also has a role in increasing the sperm production.Too much heat on the scrotum can be detrimental to sperm production. Avoid putting tablets, laptops on your lap for longer duration.A condition like varicocele most of the times require surgical correction to decrease the scrotal temperature and boost the sperm count. Low sperm count is treatable in most of the cases. It just needs awareness and right kind of medical and psychological support.

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