How To Increase Your Brain Power No Matter Your Age


How To Increase Your Brain Power No Matter Your Age

Modern culture tends to view the aging process as a disease. In reality, growing older actually provides distinct advantages, such as the maturity and wisdom gained through experiencing life. These benefits, however, are sometimes negated by a decline in the ability to think and remember clearly. Losing mental acuity is not inevitable as people age, and in fact may be forestalled completely by discovering how to increase your brain power.

While some people seem to escape any symptoms of decline, others begin to experience a degree of internal communication difficulty as early as age forty. Even in the absence of disease, the natural aging process can affect memory and cognitive abilities. So-called senior moments usually involve forgetting where items have been left, or even commonly used telephone numbers.

To work at optimal levels, the body needs exercise. Any moderate physical exertion, including simple walking, can increase oxygen-rich blood circulation to the head. The mental fog that many people experience routinely often disappears after even minimal efforts. Primarily passive activities, such as extended daily television viewing, prevent both body and mind from experiencing the benefits of movement.

Exercise is most beneficial in conjunction with mentally stimulating activities that help to create new neural pathways. These do not need to be tedious, but should include things enjoyed for years, such as daily reading, writing, creating art or music, or even working a difficult crossword puzzle without cheating. It is now known that the brain never actually stops making new neural connections.

These same foods also contain vitamin B-12, instrumental in renewing the external sheathing of nerve cells. A physician can determine if there is a deficiency, and may recommend supplements. Amino acids, folic acid, and the complex carbohydrates found in non-refined grains are also essential for optimal function, and levels may be adversely affected by years of dieting.

Learning how to increase your brain power does not require great physical stress, but only consistency. Just as unused muscles atrophy, the passive mind deteriorates. Even simple memory games can make a great difference, and may help forestall aging-related depression. By maintaining empowering nutrition levels and avoiding inactivity, most people can remain sharp well into their senior years.

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