How to Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

How to maintain a balanced diet for Better Nutrition System:

How to maintain a good Nutrition system is a big question that always arises in our mind, but we are not getting the right answer. In the recent survey and reports, it has been published that Indians are less aware of their Nutrition as other countries people. So now the talk starts with why Indians are not serious for their health and what are different ways to become more aware of our Balanced Immune System. Here we state causes and precautions why Indians are not aware of their Nutrition:

How to Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle
Selection of Indian food including curries, rice, samosas and naan bread.

Not Prepare or Follow Diet Chart:

The main problems of Indian are that they do not prepare any diet chart as other countries. When we see the lifestyle of Americans we find that they are very serious about their Nutrition and prepare an Effective Diet Chart as per their body requirement and strictly follow them. Hence not follow balanced diet chart is primary reason of Indian, that they are not concern about their health.

Solution: If we regularly take a healthy and balanced diet we are able to avoid stomach disease and other Nutrition issues. A healthy diet chart may save you from health issues and expense on health.

No Regular Exercise and Workout:

Indians are not having a habit a regular exercise or Workout. They are always busy in their office and business work, and always avoid the regular exercise. And when we see other country positions, we see that they adopt our exercise techniques such as Yoga. Many countries have established wide yoga camp. We all know the Origin Country of Yoga in India, but there are not so many people are interested to participate these activities. Even they think this is waste of time and money, but they don’t know health is wealth.


If joined Yoga Camps and Gym for regular exercise and workout we are more fit as our age. Yoga is known for solving big disease in worldwide so why we can’t take benefit of this exercise. Be regular in Gym and do workouts for better Nutrition system.

Bad Eating Habits:

In our country, there is a different type of people and they eat a different type of food, but we do not aware what we eat, and what are outcomes of these oily and fast foods. Indian has the most Bad Eating Habits in the World. They eat anything that they want. Indian food is mostly spicy and junky for our Nutrition. Children are always wanted to eat fast food and they become fattier, this causes many serious problems in their body.


But it doesn’t mean all Indian Foods are bad if we cook less oil or less spicy food we may develop good eating habits for better immune system. If we eat oil-free food we develop good eating habits and ignore stomach problems. The major problem which is every Indian face is that acidity, and the main reason behind this problem is bad eating habits. Hence why we face this issue, just adopt the healthy food and ignore all major disease.

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