How to Make Every Hot Dog Absolutely Perfect watch video


How to Make Every Hot Dog Absolutely Perfect watch video

A hot dog is a cooked sausage which is often grilled or steamed and served and served in a sliced bun. There are two hotdog variants, namely corn dogs and a pig in blankets. Originally, sausages were from Germany but were later popularized in American streets and associated with baseball. Hot dog companies have come up in the recent years and there has been an increase in the number of hot dog restaurants around the country.

Hot dogs can be made from home with different hot dog recipes. Traditionally, they are processed using chicken, beef or pork. The process starts with trimmings, which are meat left-overs from cutting a steak. The trimmings are crushed by pushing the meat parts through graded metallic plates. Trimmings are added to the crushed meat followed by food starch, salts and other necessary flavorings. Flavorings may vary depending on the taste of different people from different areas. Water is dispersed into the mixture and the it is blended together with more water being added to make the dog juicier and aiding in the well dispersion of the ingredients. Another machine is used to make the mixture finer and vacuums any air from the mixture.

The stuffing machine is then loaded with long cellulose tubing rolls. The machine pumps the meat mixture into this casing, making a twist every five and a quarter inches. Three of these chains are merged to make one long strain. They are then loaded a given number at a time into another separate machine which drops the hot dog into a moving rack.

The racks shed the dogs via a liquid smoking shower, then into another with different zones of cooking where the liquid smoke sips and enhances flavor to the dog as they bake. They are then drenched in salty water which is cold, to prepare them for packaging. They are then taken to a dispatch zone where they are pulled off the bar into a conveyer. The dos move from the conveyer into metal containers.

A pin hole machine is used to cut the long hot dog chains into pieces while the air filled with steam blows the casings wide off the hot dogs. An inspector has to ensure the casing is well removed and the hot dogs have no defects, before authorizing them for packaging. They are packaged and ready to be prepared for a meal.

In brief, to make the perfect hot dog, the above process is necessary. One can choose to make different types of hotdogs like the Chicago hot dog which is made from beef only. They are a great meal when made in the correct way.[mashvideo]

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