A guide on How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows


A guide on “How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows”

There is nothing new in taking a screenshot. Numerous platforms and devices have this feature. One of the most frequently asked questions is the manner of taking screenshots. You can take a screenshot on Windows XP or the brand new Windows 10 operating system by the following ways-

To take a screenshot in Windows XP

Windows XP provides two ways to take a screenshot. An image of your entire screen will be copied by tapping on the Print Screen button. You will have to paste this image (by pressing the Control+V keys) to a program like paint, where you can save this image.

You can also capture a specific window by pressing the Alt+Print Screen keys. The same procedure will also apply here. You will have to paste the image into Paint and then you can save it.

To take a screenshot in Windows Vista and Windows 7

The users can also utilize the Snipping Tool in the Windows Vista and Windows 7. All the versions of the Windows have this feature, except the Basic and Initial editions and Windows XP.

You can take the screenshot of a specific area of the screen with the use of Snipping Tool. You need to click the start button to open the program menu, then select All Programs and after that Accessories. You will see the Snipping tool from the list and you have to select it. Open a program, click new and select the area of the screen which you have to capture and save it by clicking Save.

To take a screenshot in Windows 10 and Windows 8

Windows 10 and Windows 8 have feature of taking screenshots and to save it automatically to a special screenshot folder inside the Picture library. To capture the entire screen, you have to press the Windows+Print Screen key. 

To take a screenshot in a Windows tablet or a smartphone

The user of the Windows tablet may take a screenshot by pressing both the Windows button and Volume-down keys together. The image will be saved in the Screenshots folder in the Picture library. 

You will have to press the Power button and Volume-up key at the same time to take Screenshots in Windows Phone 8.1. On the other side you have to press the Start button and Power button together on Windows Phone 8. The saved images will be publicized in the Photos Hub section.

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