How to unlock iPhone without a passcode


How to unlock iPhone without a passcode

IPhones are secured by passcodes which the user must enter to operate the device or access any information that is stored in the device. This is mostly done to enhance security and confidentiality of the information that may be stored in the device. The user may accidentally enter the wrong passcode for a number of times and the device may be locked.

Therefore, one must know how to unlock an iPhone without the passcode for the user to regain the access of the device. When passcode is forgotten, one has to restore the device which deletes the files, songs, videos and photos that may be stored in the device memory.

To restore the iPhone, connect the device to the computer that was used to synchronize the iPhone. In iTunes, select the iPhone in the device list then summary in the top of the screen to synchronize your iPhone. Click “check for updates” for newer versions of iPhones software that maybe available.

Click “restore” and follow the instruction to complete the restore process. Finally you can back up the device. On the other hand, you can erase your device with iCloud to erase the passcode.[mashvideo]

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