2 Examples of How We Were Created In The Future


2 Examples Of How We Were Created In The Future

2 Examples Of How We Were Created In The Future

Imagine a world where only successful outcomes exist. A world where architecture is beautiful, streamlined and purposeful. A world where technology far surpasses the speed and ability of even the most genius of human minds. This world is actually the futuristic world in which past, present and future meet. It is simultaneously the future and the present. In this world, seeing what the future will be is to see what has already been.

We Are From The Future is a fantastic video created by Garret John, creator of the Wayseer Manifesto speech. Garret John speaks of Wayseers, people who are more than what society tells them they are. These are people who seem like the outcasts and troublemakers, but who actually hold the key to and have the greatest insight into the world. John is in the same category with two other dynamic masterminds in the history of our universe.

The first one is Carl Sagan. In his Cosmos: A Personal Voyage TV show, he sought out the origins of life and talked about things pertinent to the world, such as the greenhouse effect. The second person is Neil Degrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist.

He received the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal and hosted Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which followed Sagan’s original Cosmos. These three men seek to explain the true nature of the universe and to use Quantum Mechanics to do so.

This video opens with one of the most comforting messages from the future, “Everything is going to be alright.” It includes quotes from the future that demand the viewer’s attention: “We had to learn to direct our minds.” and “Our thoughts had drastic immediate impact.” It tells us that the singularity enabled worlds to be created in an instant.

We Are From The Future explains that we can better understand this concept by studying the way plants harvest light. They do this in a perfect manner that should be impossible considering classical physics. Classical physics would state that photons reaching the core should be very unlikely. However, with quantum superposition, every route is possible. This shows us that the plant refuses to consider anything but the positive, the success.

We Are From The Future explains humans acting like towards light

As you watch the video, it shows many runners in a forest. Each of these runners represents every possible route that can be taken. These runners are blindfolded, running through a forest at full speed. They continue to run, missing every tree coming their way. In the end, one runner successfully wins this race. This runner is then transmitted back through time and becomes the only one that ever existed. This is how future meets present, how we can see what has already been.

The video explains that it is through all of this, that the sacred imperative for life is able to be summoned, “let there be light.” This quote has much more meaning as you consider the impossible journey of photons to a plant, a blindfolded man successfully running through a forest and you making it into this enormously complex world, born to be a positive, successful being. This is how you become a light to the world. This is how you know that though the world may try to categorize you, you exist because you were perfect in the future.[mashvideo]

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