How your little girl can now be a real life mermaid


How your little girl can now be a real life mermaid

Are mermaids real? Most people say no, but one of the most viral videos on the Internet says otherwise. The story of a little mermaid named Jenna has reached over 50 million views. It’s about a girl, Jenna, who swims in her pool, but something is different.

When she jumps into the pool, she becomes something few believe in, a mystical mermaid, a sea beautiful creature that allures the seamen and feed on their young flesh. Actually, Jenna is different. She is just a cute little mermaid swimming in her pool, enjoying the hot water and her new fish tail. When she gets out of the pool, she becomes human again by taking off her fish tail cloth. More and more young girls make videos about their mermaid transformation, but none of them have reached the popularity of Jenna.

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During this week we cover the story of a new plaything that is getting huge popularity among  kids , especially girls . If you have a pool in your backyard , and have daughters who love to spend their time in the pool , then little mermaid fin could become the next thing that you are looking for . You can check out the use of this little extension to your old pool side fun here .

This cool toy is featured in the video as well . By wearing this cool looking fin one can change their outlook as a mermaid . And the best part is you can swim like one as well . There are hundreds of color combinations to choose from , and these fins are available to fit all shapes and sizes .To help the newbie swimmers , there is an extra feature as well . if your little baby is still struggling with swimming , then you can open the lower end of the mermaid fin so that she can use her feet properly to swim around .


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