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The Amazing Badminton-Playing Human Like Robot from China known as Robomintoner

The Amazing Badminton-Playing Human Like Robot from China known as Robomintoner

It is amazing how the world is experiencing a great era of technological advancement, where incredible pieces of innovations come up each day. Human like robot’s are being produced at every level and for every field. This time it’s about a badminton playing robot. Yeah, you read that right. Apparently, a group of professors and students at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China have built a robot that can beat you at badminton, especially if you are an amateur. 

The Robomintoner, as its creators decided to call it, can effectively and accurately return almost any shot. It can quickly cover an entire badminton court to return the shots with the perfection that has startled the world.

This robot uses a combination of motion sensors, cameras, and a unique navigation system to play the sport better than many human players. Technically, it uses a pair of high definition video cameras that produces stereo images, which are wireless streamed right to an external computer where it is processed. It is amazing how this AI robot can track and calculate the course of its opponent’s shot and send the information to a mobile platform via Bluetooth. This is how the robot’s physical motion is guided, and that way it ensures that it is always in the right spot to hit back the shuttlecock. The badminton-playing robot has won its fair share of fame, not only in China, but globally too. 

The robot uses two rackets that are mounted at different angles. Each of them is meant to effectively return different kinds of serves from the opponent.

Badminton Playing Human Like Robot from China known as Robomintoner

One of the drawbacks that the robot has as a badminton player is the fact that it can’t aggressively smash a return back at the opponents. The robot might not be able to compete at professional level, but it is clear that it is a great invention that is worth applauding. It has swept through Chinese robotic competitions while also racking up the wins. It is indeed one of those great advancements in artificial intelligence.

It is not the first time we are seeing human like robot’s created for sports activities. There are robots that can play chess and win. Though the Robomintoner might not be able to beat the most experienced badminton player in a game, it clearly plays like a real badminton armature player. The robot might not even be allowed to compete in the sport at professional level due to its two rackets among other factors.


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